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Prairie Spirit Papers is a small consulting company founded by industry veterans who have proven expertise. Having founded multiple successful self funded technology startups, providing turnaround business leadership to public technology companies, and having successful execution of acquisitions that benefited the customers, employees and investors in the business.

Our SAP leadership is equally deep having 20 years of expertise in rolling out large deployments and deep understanding of what makes for a successful SAP deployment.

Mark Mahowald, President and Founder.

Mark led the design effort of the world's first digital trading floor systems (the Rich/Reuters Triarch system) and created the reliable UDP broadcast messaging protocol used to reliably distribute financial data across the trading LAN. This work was done in 1985 and 1986, and for the next couple of years as VP of Advanced Development at Rich, Mark had management responsibility for all digital trading floor development on the Triarch system. From 1989 to 1995, Mark was the executive VP of Lachman Technologies, responsible for the development and sale of its TCP/IP software and integration services. In late 1995, after being acquired by CA, Mark founded WhiteBarn, where the first commercial implementation of Cisco's PGM reliable multicast software was developed. After WhiteBarn was acquired by Talarian, Mark headed up the multicasting development and integration efforts at Talarian and was later promoted to COO after the company went public. Mark left Talarian in April of 2002, when Talarian was acquired by TIBCO, and founded 29West. 29West created the Ultra Low Latency High Speed messaging market and grew from a self funded startup to the Enterprise messaging provider for 8 of the 10 largest international banks as well as leading exchanges, hedge funds and prop trading firms worldwide. His background in technology licensing contracts, startups and acquisitions as well as customer focused business growth spans 30 years of market leadership.

To learn more or to discuss a potential consulting project with Mark, please contact him at: mark@prairie-spirit-papers.com

Katherine Skinner, Lead SAP Consultant.

Katherine brings 15 years of mainframe programing experience and 17 years of implementing/troubleshooting SAP software projects. With a Master level qualification for Site Integrated Planning in SAP as well as a Master qualification for Distribution Requirements Planning in SAP. She is a Certified MRP II Instructor in addition to being a Certified SAP Instructor for Site Integrated Planning and Distribution Requirements Planning.

Her expertise in bringing complex SAP solutions to production and her excellence at supporting a widely distributed rollout make her a very valuable SAP resource for your most complex project needs. Available for both part time, short term projects as well as longer term engagements, Katherine can provide the missing expertise to help your project succeed.

To learn more or to discuss an SAP project with Katherine, please contact her at: kskinner@prairie-spirit-papers.com

Katherine's career has spanned over 30 years since she graduated from Boston College. She started with the Kroger Company in Cincinnati in the computer programming division. After several years, she joined Procter and Gamble as a consultant in Cincinnati. A few years later, she converted to an employee, continuing her work doing mainframe programming for many years. In 1999 P&G started implementing SAP software, and Katherine was involved in training and implementation for the next 4 years in North America. This included Site Integrated Planning, Distribution Requirements Planning, and Shipping and Transportation. She continued training and troubleshooting SAP across the Globe, and was involved in integrating acquisitions. During this time, she was promoted into the role of Corporate Business Expert for Inventory Target Setting (Logility Software). Katherine is now located in Denver and worked the last 2 years with P&G in a Global, location free support role. In June 2017, she retired from P&G, and joined Prairie Spirit papers as an SAP consultant.